Wraps taken off BlackRock’s new investor focused investment trust website


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The world’s largest asset manager has developed the new site with impute from ordinary investors but would welcome feedback from WhichInvestmentTrust.com members. BlackRock have developed their new website with the assistance of groups of investors, but are playing catch up to firms like Henderson Investment Trusts, who have won awards for their communications, as well…


It looks a little drab to me, very little colour. Compared to Henderson’s or Monks Investment trust website it is still really lacking.

I only had a fleeting look but I listened to a little bit on the guide to investment trusts video and it has a lot of technical jargon, I wonder how many people want to listen to something like that. I’m sure it’s good but I think they could employ less analyst gobbledygook.


It looks like there is a lot of useful content there but I prefer to go somewhere where I can obtain not just performance data but commentary and analysis. To that extent I use Which Investment Trust, Morningstar, Trustnet.

As @citygirl mentioned, it is a little drab in terms of colour, though that would not put me off using it. The content is more important to me. To that end, I do applause the ten year performance data you display, too many managers miss that out and it is terribly important, should the trust be old enough.

I rather like the Henderson website, bits of which is hosted here on this website. The videos are very useful and I like that they link to articles in the financial media, it saves searching oneself. I’m sure money must change hands for that, but I suspect it’s more likely to be used by investors like me.


The Henderson websites (for want of a better term) are not exactly the same on this site as on their own website. I think they’re more like microsites that many companies operate including my own for special purposes such our annual conference.

I agree that the Henderson sites look more snazzy, but I think there is reasonably good content on the Blackrock website. Actually, I really like the graph explaining the difference between investment trusts and unit trusts.

Also it would be useful to be able to compare performance against AIC sector and whatever benchmark it uses, or even compare the performance of a given trust to a unit trust.

Some of the best investment trust websites are found in the private equity sector, have a look at HG Capital and Pantheon. I really like Woodfords site too.


I think they still have some way to go, it just doesn’t jump out at you. It’s got some good information though. I wonder what it was like before? I’ve never been on the Blackrock website.

They should put up video interviews with the management team of the investment trusts like Henderson and Baillie Gifford do.

The process they went on to develop it looks interesting because at least they do seem to have spoken to and consulted ordinary investors, and to be fair to them it’s got useful info like the metrics data and Francis states she wants to get Morningstar (be careful to get useful Morningstar, they’re not as great as they claim to be).


I like the Blackrock website, it’s clear and easy to use. It’s got easy to find information, FAQs, guides to trusts, and like I like the performance data, especially having ten your figures, most asset manages cut it off at five years.

I don’t know what the old site looked like but this one looks good to me.


I agree with you @andytheinvestor, I think it’s fine. It might not look as jazzy as Henderson’s site but it’s got most of the information you would want. One thing I do like with Henderson though is the video’s on YouTube. I always watch them before I invest because I think you can get a better understanding of the manager by seeing and hearing them talk about their trust.


I think it not that bad, but it does lack some colour and they should add videos. A few people have compared it to the Henderson website that they like better, but I wonder if they are confusing it with the Henderson adverts that on the Which investment trust website but look like little micro sites,

They are pretty useful and Black Rock could copy what they try to do, but maybe people like them because they’re convenient, you know, they’re easy to reach because they’re on here instead of having to search for the Black Rock website.

I don’t think to use fund managers websites, if fact I probably prefer to get information from somewhere more neutral.

But I don’t think the Black Rock website is too bad.


I do use fund manager websites @kyliegirl but usually only for fast sheets, I’d even used the Blackrock website, though I cant remember what it was like before.

I think it is perfectly acceptable now, though the Henderson and Aberdeen sites are better, as are the micro sites on here are handy. I think most people know they are a kind of advert @kyliegirl. They’re more useful that those flashing monstrosities you get popping up on other sites.

Another manager site I really like is Pantheon the private equity trust, have a look: http://www.piplc.com/

It’s got really easy to understand information and graphics and details on what it does and the companies it owns, and clear performance data.