Women are heading for poverty in retirement as they become disinterested in investing


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/women-are-heading-for-poverty-in-retirement-as-they-become-disinterested-in-investing/
New research points to a divergence between men and women in their 30’s as several factors distract women from saving for retirement in what may prove to be a costly mistake. The research was carried out for Scottish Widows, and reveals that in their 20’s women are on average saving more towards their retirement than…


Not enough people in this country overall save a sufficient amount for their retirement. I think it should be compulsory to save in to a Government scheme that has low costs, like the Danish do.

I can imaging nothing worse than being poor when you are not able to do much about it because of your old age.


What they’re saying is a big part of the reason why females aren’t saving enough is that they have kids, but they have kids with men, so the men have kids too so why doesn’t it stop men from saving but it stops females? I don’t get that?

Aren’t they supposed to be better than us at investing or is that as silly a comment as women being better drivers than men.