With all eyes on Brazil for the World Cup what are the prospects for investors?


Days away from the World Cup we can still dream of an England victory, but getting back to sober suited Mammon, the AIC has released a list of investm
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Though I’m dreading all the football that’s coming my way in the World Cup I’m wondering if Brazil or probably Latin America is cheap enough to get my £’s yet.

The election in Brazil is crucial. I reckon on balance I’m probably best to wait till that’s a bit clearer.

What do you think guys?


Well I love the football @Supergirl but I wouldn’t touch Brazil or Latin America with a barge poll right now.

Even after the election in Brazil whoever replaces her has a lot to fix, she’s useless.


Brazilian trade has so many 'Spainish ’ practices that it is very inefficient and third world ; this tends to delay and weaken all aspects of business there. The theory of an expanding mild class is plausible as are the natural resources but getting a profit out of this is tricky . The Hansa trust has a large Brazilian element (40%) Ocean Wilson Holdings which is busy expanding port facilities but this trust also has the advantage that it is run as a private wealth fund …so it is an interesting option to consider.


Yes I have a small holding in Hansa Trust too @rodchamp but your comments on Brazil’s inefficient third world systems ring true too.

In my last job we struggled for three months to get a mobile phone contract and even when we got it most of the time it was useless because there was rarely reception.

I just hope that they get rid of this lot in the election later this year because they have been abominable.