With a persistent premium P2P Global Investments to raise another £250m


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/with-a-persistent-premium-p2p-global-investments-to-raise-another-250m/
It represents the third fund raising in little over a year as it announces it on track to deliver an 8% dividend. P2P Global Investments has announced it will raise a further £250m through the issue of new C Shares, which is an additional pool of shares managed alongside the existing pool until the money…


I worry that this sector is attracting a little bit too much money and about what might happen if we enter a downturn again.

Just how careful are they in underwriting these loans?


Well it’s nowhere near as large as the banking sector and that’s what it’s displacing @pauls

We’ll need to take a look at the prospectus of course but one of the feature of this fund I gleaned from not just the article but the links to previous article is they’ve got options to take very cheap stakes in some of these platforms and they get higher rates for the loans than ordinary punters too.

I didn’t buy this in any of the previous rounds but I’m interested in taking a look at it now.

Hopefully @whichinvest will do either a follow up article when the prospectus is out or distribute copies on here maybe?


We’re meeting with P2P management this week @khalidkhan. If you or anyone else has any questions you’d like us to raise please post your question in this forum.



Thanks @whichinvest I would just like to know what is the story with this. How much risk they’re taking and what they’re going to do with the money because they’ve raised so much now.