Witan - The trepid world explorer with a track record of making money


Multi-manager funds are just expensive complicated vehicles that ultimately only benefit the managers. Well if that’s your view have a look at Witan I
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Bell has changed a lot of managers since he came on board and yes the performance since has been great but that’s in a rising market. I wonder how well he’ll do in a falling market.

Seems like a decent range of fund managers he’s chosen though and you can’t argue with the fees, they’re bloody low when compared to those robbing Ba*****s in the Unit Trust world.


In my old job we used to put clients in to Multi-manager funds, and some of them were good like the Jupiter Merlin range but the charges were so high that too much of the return went in fees.

Now I think this is a much better option. I hadn’t really noticed how much Witan had changed. I though it invested in tracker funds.

Just looking at some of the managers they’r got there like Lansdowne Partners, Matthews, Tweedy Browne, marathon, Heronbridge - these guys usually charge a fortune in fees.

Very clever and I am so going to invest in this.


I’m impressed with this. I thought Witan was a sleepy old family run fund (not sure where I got that from).

I’d like to see maybe a bit more evidence that Andrew Bell is the right man for the job but I’ve just put half of my ISA for the new tax year in to it so hope he is as good as he promises.


I didn’t recognise many of the fund managers he uses @Steelman but I’ve looked them up and seems like neat choices.

This feels like the kind of investment you can just leave to grow without worrying too much.

Bell 'aint been there for that long though but I get the feeling this 'aint no sleepy board like.

I’m havin some of this and so is my misses.


I bought some today with money I got for my Vodafone shares.

I’d rather have bought on a bigger discount but in all honesty I’m going to hold on to these for a long time I’m sure.


Yes I’ve gone it as well @Malcolm. I don’t know the fund managers but I don’t think I need to.

I’m happy to let someone else do the leg work for me.


Multi-manager funds are usually well dear, this is the cheapest I’ve seen and that should mean it should do better as long as the management selection is good.

I like this and I think I’m gonna have some.


I think investing in this gives you exposure to so many different managers of really good quality.

I just hope they do their job well and monitor them.