Winterflood release their top picks for 2015


The investment trust analysts at one of the sectors leading brokers have selected 28 trusts across a variety of sectors that they believe will perform
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The *widest (a.k.a. highest) discount for Pantheon is incorrect, it should be minus 23.4 rather than the implied premium.

I’ll be interested to see how the be NB Distressed Debt share class copes with implementing its discount control. Perhaps the next few months will tell us something. Having to sell what could be illiquid assets into a falling market just to buy back shares could mean that those assets realise less than the reported NAV and that would further depress the reported NAV.


*Question: if a negative number is higher than another negative number, is it further from, or closer to zero…?


Thanks @ArkWelder, omitted negatives now corrected.

With regard to ‘Higher’ negative discounts, within the industry higher means further from zero in the context of discounts, however ‘Wider’ may be a better understood term outwith the analyst community and with hindsight would have been more appropriate.

Next time!



Winterflood imply the recommendations are to be judged over the medium term but the make changes throughout the year. In reality it looks a tiny bit to me like these are recommendations for traders rather than investors to play out over a period of months rather than years.

They’re interesting and there seems to be some good suggestions there but it should come with a big fat qualification sticker stating ‘Short term investments’.


Yes I think you are right @citygirl they are short term recommendations. It’

will be interesting to see how they do throughout the year. I a not really familiar with Winterflood, I don’t even really understand what they do as a Broker. I wonder if there is some data on how they have done in previous years?