WhichInvestmentTrust / Henderson seminar


I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s seminar. the venue was amazing, and I thought all three managers speaking were really informative.

If I had any slight criticism it’s that I wished they’d talked a little bit more about their trusts rather than just about the investment landscape, even though that was very interesting.

I think I particularly feel much better informed and at ease as a result with China, the Henderson Far East Income trust manager explained that point particularly well, and I think as a result there is a buying opportunity right now in his trust which has swung to a discount because the Chinese exposure.

Great to meet some people from here to and to meet and talk to Dice the editor.

Very impressed with the food too, and the little gifts, been wanting a good moleskin notebook and those chocolates were too nice, shame I had to share them with the wife and kid though, haha!

Good work guys and thanks to the Henderson people too who were so nice.


I would love to have been there and your description of it is making me well-jel @khalidkhan

I’m on holiday, but wishing I was there.

Did they film it?


No I don’t think it was filmed but Dice is doing a write up on it next week.

They said they might do another next year. You really missed something special, they pulled out all the stops and then some.


I hope they consider coming up north for their events, I’m sure there are a lot of us based outside of London who would like to attend events such as last night’s.

What did they say in particular that has changed your view on China @khalidkhan ? After all, it is not at all a popular place to invest right now for most investors.


A really good evening and very useful for me. I can’t wait for the next one! The managers explained how they invested and why. Henderson also looked after us very well and the managers mingled afterwards to chat and answer questions. I learnt a lot. Many thanks to them! The Which team were fantastic and hopefully will organise more of these events along with maybe some educational ones too. I think an educational event will help those of us less confident to be able to ask the questions without fear of looking silly! Thank you Team and to Henderson.


I couldn’t have put it better @cbrown. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’d defo go back again.


@stromer he highlighted that a lot of the hysteria over China related to falling electricity demand, the problem with that is that that relates to the old China model of an export driven economy whilst the new model or focus is upon domestic consumption.

He is looking to profit from the emerging Chinese middle class looking to trade up and gaining increasing confidence on domestic brands.

He gave an example of domestic brands gaining popularity just like Japanese ones and Korean ones in the 70’s and 90’s.

He is able to buy these stocks cheap because all Chinese stock prices have collapsed after the crash. Finally, and importantly he pointed to tangible signs China is in fact recovering, not contracting.

TBH I was left convinced and I’g gonna buy Henderson Far East Income over my breakfast on Monday morning


I thought it would be full of people a little bit too smart for me @cbrown but I wish I had gone. To be honest everyone on here has always been as kind to me as I could wish for so I was being silly really. I will come to the next one.


Sounds great but I too am not from the all powerful London, perhaps film the event next time if branching out to the colonies that are the counties of Great Britain are too much of a stretch. We do speak English here you know, or a form of.


That makes a lot of sense @khalidkhan and yet it is an argument that I have not heard put forward anywhere else.

I am not sure if he is correct in his assertion but he might be, and in any case if he is fining companies to invest in that support the thesis he put forward well the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Henderson far east Income is sitting on a dividend yield of 6.6% right now which if he’s right and it is sustainable is extremely attractive.


London is easy for me to get to but not so easy to get home from late at night, though I know the seminar started early. I would have come if I was able to, which I wasn’t.

If you have another event I would come along though, it sounded really fun.