WhichInvestmentTrust.com visitors own a lot of investment trusts!


Research from a poll on our website these past 10 weeks has revealed just how many investment trusts our readers own and it is a lot. The poll receive
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I only started using investment trusts when I found this site and the editor very helpfully and honestly answered my email about investments. Even though I kept sending him loads of emails.

It helped because I learned a lot and I just couldn’t quite understand all the bumf I was getting from HSBC/Hargreaves etc.

I was left with pots of money with different wealth managers after my divorce. I didn’t what to do with it.

Very pleased with how my trusts are doing and I love this site. I’ve got some of my girlfriends on to it now too.

This investment lark can’t be just for you boys! :slight_smile:


I’d always known about investment trusts, I work in the city for an investment bank but they’re perceived to be old fashioned and fuddy duffy.

It’s not until you have a look at them you realise the reason why they are supposedly ‘fuddy duddy’ is a lot in city didn’t want yo use them because they couldn’t get fat commissions from them.

What is a bit sleepy about the industry is they don’t promote themselves enough.

Why don’t the investment trust managers promote sites like this to their investors.

It should be a no brainer and win win for you guys and for investment trusts.


I have half in shares and half in investment trusts. Having said that I don’t have a lot after buying my first home 2 years ago.

I save in to mine every month though, my plan is to pay my mortgage off when I get in to my mid 30’s (just over 10 years away in case you’re wondering).

I see on the current poll on the front page someone has over £1 million, nice place to be!


Keep at it @Lukas and you’ll be a millionaire too.

I save every month too. It’s a good strategy anyway because it evens out the swings and flows of the stock market (so my books tell me, go an exam next week).

My Grandparents put some money in Baillie Gifford investment trusts when when me and my siblings were kids. It was only a few grand each but it had grown to over £20k by the time we’d grown up.

That’s what got me hooked and got me in to a City job.


About half of my investments are in investment trusts which is up from one when I started reading this site.

Either you are doing something right or I need to look at more financial investment websites.

I hope it’s the former!