WhichInvestmentTrust.com reaches a new record just as we’re invaded by Russia


Last month we reached another record in terms of members to our Better Investor community and visitors to our website but it was a little bittersweet
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That’s better proof of a Russian invasion than you would get in The Sun!


Nice to see you are back again and can take it in good humour.


I agree with @pauls. Good to see you back.

I used to be in the army though, happy to help fend off the Russians if needed.

Got trouble with my knees now mind, and my back, and my foot's not quite recovered since my last fall. Oh and I've a habit of too easily dislodging my shoulder, but other than that I'm fighting fit.


Some issues with html there @Malcolm.

I have noticed this site get a lot busier since I joined. It’s good to see you are doing so well. I think it’s filling a gap since the investment trust magazine folded though it seems to have a younger audience on here.


Well done in escaping Mr Putin’s reach.

I couldn’t logon for days but I’ve seen similar things happen with other sites from time to time, it even happened to eBay recently.

I never saw investment trust magazine @Steelman but I’ve heard it mentioned on forums on Motley Fool. I guess this site is kind of taking over from where it left off.

Personally I prefer using a website than a magazine which is a little bit last century.

It would be interesting to know more about what plans you have for the site because I and maybe others might have ideas we would like to contribute too.