WhichInvestmentTrust.com is changing and we want you to be the first to know


We have been working on the redevelopment of our website for some time and in advance of the launch we want to share the details with you. The first s
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Unfortunately, no further comments made on our old forums will be transferred across.

Merely for the purposes of the test version? i.e. when the new forum becomes live, will the comments subsequently made on this existing forum be migrated? Or is the proposal for the test version to morph into being the live one?


@arkwelder To clarify, no more comments will be migrated to the test copy but comments made today and for the next few days will migrate across to the new forums.

There will be a cut off point whereby comments will no longer migrate, but we’ll keep this to as short a time period as we possibly can.



I’d like to try the new forums. Do you want us to let you know how we get on?

I’ll send you an email.



I’m no good with new software, I probably won’t able to use it and I’ll be screaming for help. I’m useless with computers never mind software.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new website though.


The new forums look really smart, a bit like Facebook but not as well. They’re hard to describe.

@Arkvelder has fully investigated them and came up with just abotu every suggestion to develop or change them you could think of. They should give Ark a job, he’s amazing.



A job…?!! Excuse me @MikeMoore - Work is a four letter word!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it worth looking at then? Isn’t a forum just a forum like moneysavingexpert.co.uk forums or is much better than that?

How do you write someone’s name on here? I can see its like twitter but do I just write @ark welder ?? Let’s see if it works


Didn’t work, @KhalidKhan…! My ‘name’ is Ark Welder (with a space), but my username is arkwelder (without a space) so I didn’t receive an email notification.

This is one of the drawbacks of the current forum, but which is addressed in the new forum: upon starting to type ‘@…’ a list of valid usernames appears from which the relevant one can be selected.


I think they’re really good the new forums, they look and feel completely different.

It never occurred to me that forums needed to be reinvested if you like, but after seeing these I agree that they do.

A good thing and I assume it’ll be the same with the final version is you don’t need to register or anything, and all your previous posts and notifications are there and easy, in fact easier to find.

If anyone hasn’t had a go you should have a wee look, it’s pure, dead brilliant as we say in my part of the world.


Okay right I get it now @arkwelder. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m learning how to use this system just before it disappears.


I’m not too sure if I should write @BarrBru or @alexbarr (You’ve got to be Scottish, my best mate is and drinks Irn-Bru like it’s water, including with vodka and whisky which is actually quite nice).


Must be better than the www.moneysavingexpert.com forums then because they’re needing investment and updating, though there is a lot of good stuff on there.


I don’t think moneysavingexpert.com are hard to use @khalidkhan so I will be interested to see if the new forums here are actually any better.

I hope they are not hard to figure out because I’m pretty bad at learning how to use new software.