Which 20 investment trusts are yielding 4% or more per year right now?


Research from Oriel Securities reveals that 20 trusts that specifically invest in equities yield over 4%, which is higher than the yield available on
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What would be interesting to see are the rates of dividend growth for these trusts - and over a longer timescale than the AIC’s usual five years. Perhaps over different periods too so that changes in the rates can be identified (don’t ask for much, do I…?!!). Having a high yield is one thing, but growing it can be quite another.

Which scenario is preferable depends on immediate needs and timescale. I might need a higher yield right now for my immediate needs, but the longer term would require dividend growth that exceeds the rate of inflation - preferably, my personal rate of inflation.

Think of it in the terms of earned income. A salary will (or should…!) exceed your current rate of expenditure, but how many people are quite happy with no annual increase in their level of salary?



Typical, not a single split mentioned!! Or even a vanilla trust that has opted fro Zeros instead of bank debt recently due to banks not being able to comply such as Small Companies Dividend that pays out 4.2% for example.

If you want Divi growth beyond 5 years I think you will have to calc it yourself @arkwelder, sorry! For data please see Dividend Investor (type in the EPIC and use the linka t the bottom of the section to find older info. It has all the dividends but I must stress the year is not the accounting year, just the year it is paid. Also I find Compound Annual Growth Rate calculator useful - watch out for the auto-video!


Yes let us know you’re done there @arkwelder :wink:

Thanks for the links to Dividend Investor & the Compound calc @jamespigott they’re super useful. You know your stuff!