Where to find really old performance data?


I would like to look up performance data that is older than 10 years old but I can’t find it anywhere… !0 years seems to be the limit.

Does anyone know if there are any free sources of information like this online?

If possible I’d really like share price or NAV plus dividends.


You can do it from downloading the historical annual report, that’s how I get mine. I don’t know of somewhere you can do it online for free though I know you can get the data if you have a Morningstar paid for account.

Sites like Trustnet only provide data going back 5 years which is a bit rubbish.

I think they should publish performance data going back as far as their records go back.

The investment trust websites should publish historical data too or make it easier for investors to access it somewhere.


Trustnet’s charting tool can be used to show returns from older periods, although that goes back only to 1995 or 1996 at the earliest. And it shows only share-price capital and total returns.

A few considerations when looking at historic performance data are that it could have occurred under different management and also under different economic circumstances, so not necessarily so relevant to the present day. And a further issue with share-price returns is any one-off effect of discount control.


I haven’t used the charting in Trustnet but I know you can similar data from Yahoo finance, though I’m not sure it’s total return, might just be share price return. It goes back a long way though.


Try AIC’s website - AIC Stats but you will only find pure ITs here that subscribe to their service. Try the ITs direct, they are generally very helpful. AIC is powered by Morningstar so you could try them too but I would take care with data, make sure it makes sense over time - something you just get good at with age!