Where next for Greece after Syriza's election victory?


The Greek election over the weekend has resulted in the far-left Syriza party winning the most votes and parliamentary seats. Early indications are th
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The only hope for Greece is that it comes out of the Euro, goes through the short term pain and and is in a position to rebuild itself.

The return of the Drachma will ensure that they can sell things to the world cheaply again. I know they manufacture little at present but a cheap currency will make the possibility of this easier plus they would get a massive tourism boost.

I think this election outcome is good for Greece and will be good for Europe in the medium terms too.


Until recently Syrzia’s policy was to leave the Euro, watch this space me thinks.

Greece leaving the Euro would decimate anyone with bank savings in Greece but I think I agree with you @Steelman that it would benefit in the long term.

I wonder if because Alexis Tsipras is so cute he attracted the female vote. The photo of him looks like something Pierre et Gilles would do.


I was watching the news today and I said to Mr Mumknowsbest he is right handsome that new Greek Prime Minister. I bet he’s well good at eating a bacon sandwich!



Haha, well unfortuantley for him @Mumknowsbest being handsome won’t solve the Greeks problems. I just read they’re increasing public sector pensions and suspending privatisations. The man sounds like he’s going to be a disaster fro Greece.

What I find really annoying about the Greeks is their propensity to blame the German’s or whatever European country is refusing to pay for their F**k up.