Where do cautious investors turn to when markets turn a little Ruffer


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Ruffer Investment Company has announced annual results accompanied by a warning about unintended consequences of Central bank policies having a detrimental effect upon investors. This cautious manager, which has consistently delivered lower risk for higher returns, but could the party be over and are we entering a period of higher volatility? Fast Facts Aims to…


Ruffer is often compared to Personal Assets which is one has a great performance record and one doesn’t.

Ruffer is something I could own (but I don’t) where as Personal Assets is for people who have an end of the world mentality or are at the end of their lives.

Nice to see a magazine finally talking about it’s good performance because when ever I read about it all the articles talk about nothing but loss aversion.


Guess what, @jonno - I hold Ruffer for its loss aversion characteristics…! :stuck_out_tongue: …and Personal Assets, too! :open_mouth:


Yeah I wasn’t disagreeing that it offers protection, as the article states, it’s a quasi hedge fund but it get pretty decent performance too, and that is often not talked about.

…excellent use of emojis there @arkwelder :sunglasses:

…and I like the headline @whichinvest made me :heart_eyes: