What should shareholders in Schroder UK Growth do following Julie Dean’s resignation?


Following the shock announcement of the departure of the relatively new but highly regarded Julie Dean as manager of Schroder UK Growth trust, the dis
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That’s such a shame because this trust was managed in a way that is very different from anything else I own. I’d like to know who these new guys are or more about the rest of the eight people in the team.

It would be a shame if the board moved away before looking at the new peeps Schroders are putting forward.

One of the frustrating things is as a shareholder you never get told about any of this or consulted. We should be asked what our view is.



Do you hold your shares via a platform @harjinder? If so then that’s the reason why Schroders don’t contact you. Your shares are probably held in in a way that they dont know who you are.

I share your frustration though. Contact your platform to see if there’s a way around it. Alliance Trust make it possible for me to attend agm’s still.


That’s the problem with platforms @harjunder !

I agree that this is really quite different from any other fund I own, and I own too many already.

I would be inclined to give the business cycle team at Schroders a bit more of a chance just because of that. It may be that they aren’t much good but they should be given a chance at least and if it doesn’t work out then move it somewhere else.



I didn’t own this though mainly because I was all invested when i looked at it but yeah, like’s been said already it was sufficiently different to prick yer interest more than a wee bit.

Of course we don’t know what’s gone on or if the remainder of the team aren’t terribly good but it would be a bit of a shame if it did more to a different manager, the Chairman should give this very careful consideration. I like @NeilWinn’s idea about delaying the decision to give the guys a wee while longer to have a go themselves.





I don’t reckon she’s retiring, she’ll go somewhere else and the trust could follow her to another fund manager firm.

Have Schroders said anything about what she is going to do?

If she goes somewhere else I think they should look at following her otherwise give the new guys a chance. Thing is, Schroders need to get their skates on and sell this new guy more, I aint seen them saying anything about him yet.


I don’t quite understand what it is she does different, does she time the market? because there’s nowt easy about that and I’ve always read that it’s a stupid thing to do.

Maybe she’s just been caught out getting her timings wrong, which would be no surprise.


No what she does @whickedinvestor is she divides companies up in to buckets based upon how she expects them to perform in the four different business cycles and then she moves between the different cycles on the basis of what cycle we’re in.

It’s explained here pretty well…

She was at Cazenove for a decade and has been a top performer since this strategy was introduced. She under performed in the past year because some of the shares she bought having unexpected issues and from not owning takeover shares like Astra Zeneca.

There was eight more in her team including the new manager, thing is we don’t know if they are any good or not.


They haven’t actually said they’re gonna move it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just using it as a bargaining chip with Schroders maybe to reduce the fees.

I think what people really want here is more information form Schroders on who Matt Hudson is, because I would prefer that Schroders keep it if it is going to work under the new team but if it isn’t then the board are right to me move it.


Julie Dean was one of a small bunch of women fund managers and one of the best fund managers overall. It’s a shame that she’s left.

I always wondered how she achieved the business cycle investing strategy which always seemed too difficult to achieve for me. Despite what I thought however, she did achieve it.

I think the board of the investment trust should give the remaining Schroder team 6-12 months, that’s all they should need and then decide.

Why hasn’t Schroder said a bit more about the team though? I’ve looked around the internet and I cant find much. It’s a mistake not to talk to your shareholders.


I don’t own this but there was a thread on Fool.co.uk about fund managers not communicating with shareholders in investment trusts so you’re not the only one to complain about them @AndreaCz.

Until Schroders tell shareholder more about the rest of the Business cycle team how could you decide if you’d prefer to stay with Schroders or not. It sounds different enough to prick some interest but that’s all you could say in the absence of more details.