What’s the outlook for BG Japan as its wonder manager retires


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Since becoming manager in 1991, Sarah Whitley has produced returns to shareholders that have been more than three times the return of the Japanese index, so with the announcement of her retirement in April of next year what are the prospects for shareholders and should they retain their investment? Fast Facts Invests in Japanese small…


I’m really surprised Sarah Whitley is retiring, she is obviously retiring very early. maybe she’s made too much money investing in her own funds!

She has done a fantastic job here, like the article says, BG Japan has done well even when the Topix has bombed. I bought this a few years ago and it’s been one of my best performing investments.

I am holding on to it because I rate Baillie Gifford as an investment house, I just hope the new manager is big enough to fill her boots.


She looks like she’s early 50’s but wouldn’t be surprised if she is a little bit filthy rich, and who would begrudge her it. She’s done well for shareholders.

I’ve owned BG Japan twice, having stupidly sold it first time. I am not tempted to sell my holding. Prime Minister Abe’s re-election with a landslide return should augur well for his reform programme and in any event, this fund has shown it is possible to make money in Japan even when the economy isn’t working on full steam ahead.

I do hope however that with BG Japan it’s a case of the Queen is dead, long live the King. #FingersCrossed