What does the UK General Election result mean for investors


It was a result that shocked many of us, but although it has received a qualified welcome from the city, what will a majority Conservative government
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I think the boost we’ve seen since the Tories were elected last Thursday will be short lived. The Euro referendum, regardless of your view on it will scare off investors the same way the Scottish referendum did.

It’ll be even worse in my opinion if the British public vote leave and considering how disaffected they are with mainstream politics if wouldn’t surprise me if they voted to leave to stick it to the politicians they loathe and mistrust.

That’s a big risk for me so I’ll be puting a whack of my money in cash.


I’m almost fully invested right now @steelman so I hope you’re wrong. I reckon the Euro vote will be a shoe in for the yes vote. Just about ever big company boss is in favour of us being members, people vote vote against them because they by and large represent our economic interests.