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If you don’t see a room for an investment trust you’d like to discuss just ask, we’ll set one up for you.


I would like to see rooms for Jupiter Primadonna trust, Henderson Value Trust, and Diverse Income Trust


Diverse Income is on the Buy list here @davbrid I bought it on the back of the review here a while back. I think it’s a great little trust.

I second the request for a forum for it!


Hi @davbrid & @smithy101

Jupiter Primadonna forum is up, the other two will take a little bit longer but should be done within the next couple of hours.

Many thanks


Could we have a section for

JPM Elect Managed Growth Investment Trust (JPE)


Hi Richard,
That's done. I've created a new forum for JPM Elect and I've moved the existing topic you created to the new forum.
Here's a link: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/forums/forum/individual-investment-trusts/jpm-elect-managed-growth-investment-trust-lonjpe/
Many thanks, Rob


Could we have a forum for :

M&G Fund of Investment Trust Shares

Unicorn Mastertrust

Consistent Practical Investment

Jupiter fund of Investment Trusts