Views on the new Interactive Investor Site


Finally got round to logging into the new Interactive Investor (II) site, following its takeover with TD Direct.

I have my ISA with II, so a decent site with low charges and good Inv Trust support is important

Some initial views

It’s not clear how you access you previous trade history on the site, and details of recent dividends paid during the transition period. Though all my holdings seem t have been moved correctly

The regular investment option (though cheaper at £1 deal) seems much worse, the range of ITs on option seems much more limited than previously -not as bad as HL FTSE 350 only, but the previous site would let you choose pretty much anything, including subscription shares. It also looks like the money has to be paid in by monthly direct debit rather than the previous site which would let you use any of the balance on the account. Often after I had sold a share, I would re-invest the proceeds using the monthly dealing.

Not sure I like having shares and funds on separate tabs.

Would be keen to get views from other uses, don’t really want to transfer as my experience of changing providers has been pretty rubbish (still waiting for HL and ATS to finalise a SIPP transfer for example).


I’ve been looking at II with a view to transferring my SIPP to them. I’d be interested in knowing how you get on with them once you are more au fait with their systems.

It looks pretty good value to me.


Hi scjim

I am also an Interactive investor account holder.

Hmm. two things I have responded to II on: the lack of an overview for ALL holdings thereby giving you an average of your gain, and the fact there appears to be no dividend history or statement of transactions. The latter they say they are still in process of transferring to the new site. As to the two separate tabs for Shares and Funds their response was they have no plans to alter this. Not happy but cannot bear to move platforms AGAIN. Also just moved my two sons from Charles Stanley Direct (good user-friendly website) to II to save on charges…


I use ATS (Alliance Trust Holdings) and pay £5 to reinvest dividends which is way too high. I’m more than a little jealous of the £1 fee for Interactive Investor @scjim @Bellabeck .

It sounds like they are still smoothing out their systems, I am tempted to move across to II. ATS have a few days a year where they allow trading for only £5. It is a real bother to transfer to another platform but I really don’t like ATS’ charging structure.


Leave ATS! You will never regret it. Endless phone waits and lots of errors. The only plus I found was the compensation paid for some of their bloopers. Many years ago they were cheap. No longer.


ATS is cheap if you have a large SIPP/ISA/Direct pot, but very expensive for smaller amounts. I only ever speak to them if there is an issue with my rarely placed trades so I can’t complain about ATS, even with the £5 dividend reinvestment fee they are still cheap overall.

A buddy of mine uses XO and he raves about them. They charge a ridiculously low dealing fee of something like six quid, with low overall fees to boot.