US Election: The winners and losers for investors revealed


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What does the American election result mean for ordinary investors here in the UK, and what opportunities might there be and how can you take advantage of them? The election of Donald Trump has shocked the world, and he is arguably set to become the most controversial U.S. president in history. But what are the…


Argghhh! just argghhhh! - I am still stunned that man has been elected president - he is beyond vile. American, I’ve always loved you but what have you done, not just to yourself but to all of us!


We’ll have to see what Trump actually does rather than what he says. A vile man with the right policies may be better than a nice man with the wrong policies.


Yes you maybe right there @dunkuring but it’s just hard to believe that someone who said the things he did has been elected as the leader of the free world.

Cutting taxes and spending on infrastructure could benefit UK based investors too.