US Election: Is it time to fill your boots and invest in America?


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This extraordinary election has had us all glued to our screens and digital newspapers, but behind the noise and rhetoric, investors should be considering what investment opportunities exist in what is still the world’s largest economy. We have taken a look. The U.S. stock market as illustrated by the most widely followed index the S&P…


I think the income trusts have been something of a disappointment but I’m pretty happy with my JP Morgan American investment trust. I think for a lot of investors however, buying a good global fund or trust is probably the best option for them. Witan is pretty good actually, Andrew Bell has really turned that one around.


I’m sure I’d be filling my boots with healthcare stocks with the prospect of Obama care disappearing. Best to wait and see I think.


The markets are up not down, so where’s the buying opportunity. Maybe it will come after the USA has elected this racist sexist pig.

We live in very troubling and shocking times!