Update on WhichInvestmentTrust.com and a humble request for your help


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/update-on-whichinvestmenttrust-com-and-a-humble-request-for-your-help/
Our new website and new forums have been launched for a few weeks now and are bedding down. We have plans and aspirations for future development but we need to ask you our readers for more information about you to help us develop in a way that better caters for your needs. We plan to…


Happy to oblige with the info when it comes across.

Seems like the website is doing well, and it’s nice to be a part of something that’s growing and developing, plus there are some awfully nice and helpful people in the forums.

I’ve recommended this to my friends.


Same here, happy to get involved.

The broker research will be useful, I have used Edison in the past and it is good quality. I know people are critical of this type of research because the companies pay for it but for one they’re upfront about this and secondly they don’t come out with a recommendation and they give you all the facts so you can make your own mind up.

Having said all that, I forget to browse to Edison (I don’t like their website actually), so it might be a wee bit more useful to have it on here so you can have a natter with folk about it.


The email newsletter that I received was a little bit too long. My email only showed some of it and just by chance I happened to notice a small link to more content.

I’d suggest maybe producing a smaller excerpt of the article in the email so we can click through to read the rest.

I like receiving it though, it serves as a reminder to come and have a look at the website.

I am in just outside London so any event down London way would be good for me.


Thanks for the feedback and we’ll discuss this next week.

We have had others suggest something similar.