UK General Election 2015 – how it might affect investments


The 2015 election promises to be the hardest to call in living memory, with the hegemony of the Conservative and Labour parties threatened by the rise
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One thing I expect this election to lead to is more people than ever before sitting up all night to see the results, even though we are very unlikely to know who will form the next Government.

I’m a classic floating voter who could be swayed by Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat, but not by UKIP who I find to be quite vulgar.

I’m leaning towards Liberal Democrat, partly because I think they have been punished by the electorate unfairly and also because I think they did a the decent thing by standing by our country when it was in a mess.

As for the SNP, if that is what Scotland wants then the Scots should have it. This isn’t a vote for independence however, that was clear from the Scottish leaders debate I watched on the BBC news channel.

The one party I do fear being anywhere near to power however isn’t the SNP, it’s UKIP!