Top performing River & Mercantile UK Micro Cap issuing new shares


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The trust invests in smaller UK companies which it believes have a greater capacity for growth, a view shared by fellow micro investor Gervais Williams, but interested investors have only days to commit. River & Mercantile UK Micro Cap (LON:RMMC) is issuing the new shares at a 1.25% premium to the NAV (net asset value),…


I know little of River and Mercantile so I’d prefer to invest in Gervais Williams trust which I have done. R&M have done ok since it launched but that’s not long, in fact it’s too short to make a decision on.

I really like to really small company sector, it’ got legs and it’s got loads of value businesses. I don’t mean cheap by value, I mean there are a lot of businesses that have the chance of becoming ten-baggers.


I have shares in Diverse Income who Gervais Williams also manages. It invests in micro caps to though to lesser extent but great performance, I’m very happy with it.

I wouldn’t look at this fund though, even if you Google it you can find very little information.