The Quarterly review – the best and worst performers revealed


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Who have been the winners and who have been the losers in the second quarter? We have the data from and there are a few surprises. Leading sector broker Winterflood investment Trusts have released analysis on the best and worst performers in Q2. The research ranks both the share price performance and separately the NAV…


Interesting list, both for what has done particularly well and done badly and because it reminds me of what I should have bought earlier this year.

I saw that Lindsell Train was looking a wee bit cheaper but didn’t do anything about it.

Strategic Equity Capital - not that familiar with that one, would like to find out a wee bit more there.

British & American, well, that’s a special situation there where a really wee trust has little to no liquidity so it wouldn’t take much to move the valuation there.


When you Google for information on Independent Investment Trust there is almost no information available. They are a member of the AIC however.

As a self managed trust their ongoing charge is only 0.36% and they pay their manager Max Ward £150K per year.

It seems to have very good steady performance and assets of £200m.

Here is the investment objective which I found interesting:

The Company’s objective is to provide good absolute returns over long periods by investing the great majority of its assets in UK and international quoted securities. When appropriate, the directors will sanction relatively high levels of gearing and a relatively concentrated portfolio structure. No gearing has been employed since 2007 and none is in prospect. The portfolio is constructed without reference to the composition of any stockmarket index.