The list that demonstrates investment trusts are best for long term income


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The AIC has released its Dividend Heroes list of trusts with at least 20 year records of ever increasing dividends, but what is extraordinary is one is about to achieve its 50th year. The Dividend Heroes list demonstrates the dependability of investments trusts for investors in search of an income from their investments. In a…


50 years is a shockingly long time. I think teenagers should be taught some of this stuff at school. I had never heard of investment trusts until I was in my late 20’s, and didn’t know how different they were to other investment products, none of which I trusted.

I now believe they are the best investment option for ordinary investors like myself, but I wish I’d known more about them sooner.


I agree, that is such a sensible idea @alexwind. We just don’t teach our children about finance generally well enough to manage their lives.

I hear so many people as adults say they don’t have a pension, don’t trust pensions, don’t understand pensions.

We should be teaching them much more.