The City of London Investment Trust


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What is the City of London Investment Trust? Aims to provide long-term growth in income and capital, by investing in predominantly UK equities (though up to 20% can be invested overseas). It is managed in a conservative way with a focus on large blue chip companies. In times when savers have difficulty in receiving adequate…


Following a recent Board meeting of City of London (CTY), held about this time each year to review the dividend, today’s announcement is that the next quarterly dividend due to be paid out on 31st May will rise from 4.05p per share to 4.3p. An increase of near 6.2% and comfortably above the current rate of annual inflation as expressed by the Retail Prices Index (RPI). As CTY is in the habit of paying four quarterly dividends, each of equal value, between such annually held dividend reviews by the Board. Then it is safe to assume that the four previously paid quarterly dividend pay-outs totalling 16.2p per share will increase 6.17% to 17.2p over the coming four quarters until this time next year when again the Board will review the dividend.

No matter from which direction one cares to look at it; that’s one monumental annual dividend increasing record that is being maintained by this trust.


That’s impressive. I’ve just read the Bankers article where it’s over 7% and according to the article the Board are predicting an increase of at least 6% this year. Bankers pays a lower dividend than CTY, but it’s still impressive, and demonstrates to me how much better stock market investments are, especially within an investment trust @forrado