The bold & different triumph in the AIC awards


The awards highlight and encourage best practice in communication with shareholders, by setting a bar of excellence to encourage investment trusts to
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I had a look at Diverse Income’s annual report and it is beautifully laid out. It’s just very attractive and easy to read.

Henderson’s website seems good as well with their interviews of managers and clean design.

I think good design is really important to the point where it’s a form of communication just in itself.

I’ll have a look at the others when I get a change.


Not all the links are working there.

The Henderson one should be

Henderson’s website looks pretty good. The only problem I have with any fund managers website is they only tell you the good stuff and probably dress it up to look better that it really is.

I don’t just mean Henderson, it’s the same with Aberdeen, Baillie Gifford, all of them basically.

The Diverse Income annual report is pretty good though, I’ve got to agree with that.