The Autumn Statement


So it’s bye bye Autumn statement, and hello Autumn Budget. We will have a Spring statement instead.

More importantly, instead of having another £350 million for our NHS, we are projected to have an even bigger deficit. By 2020 we’re projected to be £26 billion worse off. Of course, this is just a projection whilst that £350 million for the NHS is a promise right Boris? Gove?


I think Hammond is trying to prepare us for higher inflation next year, that will especially effect the less well off.

One thing I was happy to see him do was ban agents fees. I own my flat now but I got ripped off loads before buying my own place, and I know of a lot of people who get ripped off still, paying hundreds of pounds for spurious fees.


I own a couple of buy to rent properties and I’m happy that he has banned agents fees too because too many estate agents were ripping tenants off, often without the landlords knowing.

I don’t belie the Government is anywhere near it’s 1 million house building target though!