Terry Smith to launch Emerging Markets Investment Trust


The founder of Fundsmith and leading City investor is to launch an investment trust aping the style of his successful OEIC but investing in Emerging M
[See the full post at: Terry Smith to launch Emerging Markets Investment Trust]


I wonder if it will rival Templeton Emerging Markets.

I own Scottish Oriental which has returned something 800% over 10 years. Unfortunately I haven’t owned it for that long but its been amazing for me too (not so great recently).

It would take a lot to temp me away from Scottish Oriental.


FEET and Scottish Oriental are different products @CityGirl and could very well complement each other. Scottish Oriental invests in smaller companies whilst FEET is likely to invest in large consumer orientated companies.

One question I’d have for Mr Smith is if he wants to stick to his promise not to overpay for these companies is how is he going to achieve it on the multiples they’re on now?


I have Templeton Emerging Markets as well as Scottish investment trust, both from my lovely uncle, God rest his soul.

I no nothing about Terry Smith but he’s all over the internet today. Am I missing something and should I be switching?

I’m new to investing but my Uncle was obsessed by it and used to talk to me and my brother about it when we were small.