Temple Bar’s Alastair Mundy is ready and waiting for cheap stocks


Originally published at: http://whichinvestmenttrust.com/temple-bars-alastair-mundy-is-ready-and-waiting-for-cheap-stocks/
Alistair Mundy has managed Temple Bar for almost sixteen years. During this time he has attracted a following from investors attracted to his conservative investment style that aims to deliver both income and growth, mainly from investing in larger UK companies. Mundy describes his investment style as that of a ‘value investor’, the style preferred…


Wow he has a lot of banks! Interesting his reply to having a favourite stock was that he didn’t but he just worried about the new ones he owned and then mentioned RBS. He clearly believes he can make a lot of money out of RBS, I wouldn’t bet on him being wrong.

Interesting insight in to the thinking behind how he manages his funds, because he came across as pretty open which is a nice thing to see in a fund manager.


I once heard Alastair say that he does not start looking at a stock to buy until it has fallen at least 50%! He certainly has been out of favour recently, now falling from a premium to about 10% discount. Strikes me at being a good time to add to if you like to hold for long periods. Good quality value managers should be seen as a safe place, maybe soon. Banks and oil should perform well at some point, surely! The fact that 10% is in cash makes me think more trouble is ahead and he is waiting to catch some large fallers…