Tech companies are booming but can you avoid the flash in the pans


Technology has changed our lives, but are these stocks right for your portfolio? Fidelity’s Tom Stevenson shares his view. In recent decades, technolo
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Where are the Trusts which have a broad-based portfolio of “technology” investments? Too often the focus seems to be solely on Information Technology alone (we don’t all want to invest in Apple, Google and Facebook). There are some successful trusts covering biotechs, but what about other technology sub-sectors: nanotech, medical devices, new energy, and so on?
Have any readers any suggestions?


@alant01 Technology is touching all industries these days. If you consider Lowland investment trust. It has a substantial holding in UK industrial sectors. Many of these companies are participants and beneficiaries of new technologies.

The widest brush in terms of pure technology in the UK would be Herald investment trust (who I’m meeting with later this week). We’ve written about it before. It mostly invests in UK tech companies. It has a fantastic long term track record too.

Most managers of Health & Biotech companies I’ve met recently are shying away from the medical device sectors because of cuts and competition, though there are one of two success stories still.

As for Nanotech, several trusts invest in IP companies who some exposure to the sector but I know of none with a large exposure.


@alant01 I don’t know a lot about it but Ludgate Environmental is a new energy trust. losing sheds loads of money though!

Maybe is you ask the WIT guys (Think that’s short for WhichInvestmentTrust?) they’ll review it for you.

"Invests in environmental and clean-technology companies and a number of unquoted securities with a view to maximising capital growth."


@alant01 Can I ask what sort of companies you think you’re missing out on?

I don’t know a lot about the the specialist sectors you referenced.

I’m just wondering if I’m missing out on something too. :slight_smile:


I don’t know which are the emerging, specialist new technology companies in these various sub-sectors: if I did I might be investing in them directly (if they were on any market). That’s why I’m interested in trusts (or funds) with expert managers and researchers who can find them and allow me to indirectly invest through their vehicle.


@ It’s not exactly what you were asking for but this article on Chinese property is at least unusual and esoteric…

I think this could do very well.