Star manager Julie Dean abruptly quits Schroders


Julie Dean, manager on the Schroders UK Growth investment trust for only one year has left Schroders with immediate effect to be replaced by colleague
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What a shocker! Why on earth has she left so soon. I don’t get it.

Wonder where she has gone too or is going to.

I know performance of the trust hasn’t been great in the 12 months since she took it over but her long term figures were great.

I’m keeping my shareholding for now but I can’t pretend I’m not very, very shocked and a little disappointed.


Bit sudden but I am holding on for now. Maybe the board will follow her to another investment house.

Trouble is there is little info on Hudson or the team he works with. Maybe the strategy has just stopped working a la certain hedge fund strategies we’ve seen recently.

TBH, I would sell my holding but I hate selling at a loss and I’m losing money right now.


Doesn’t she attempt to time the market or something similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if her strategy just stopped working.

I haven’t sold my holding but I’m not happy about this situation. I just don’t know enough about who the new guy is and if he is any god or has much of a track record.

Schroders could have managed this better I think.


What they do in that team is divide up companies in the UK market in terms of how they are expected to perform in different business cycles. The long term returns when she was at Cazenove are bloody great. Look at the article on here.

I don’t know why she’s left but I don’t think it’s because the strategy stopped working.

I would like to know more about the team who are taking over though and just how experienced they are.

I liked this fund because one it was really different and two long term performance is great.


Maybe it all happened very suddenly but what has surprised me is that she has left immediately. I wonder if she perhaps did something she shouldn’t have?

I am not going to sell right now either but I’d like to know more about the new manager because if the price goes up even a little bit I’ll be out of there.



Has no one sold then because I am very tempted?

I’ve held on to stuff in the past because I didn’t want to sell at a loss @CityGirl and I’ve always regretted it.

Luckily I only have a few thousand in this, I was still building my stake up. Likely all to go.


She hasn’t always outperformed, it’s only since 2009 that she’s done really well, before then, well look at this graph I’ve copied from Trustnet…