Standard Life Property Income extends its fundraising deadline


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The issue won’t close until December 18th and represents an opportunity for new investors to buy in to this solid income payer. Standard Life Investments Property Income (LON:SLI) is seeking to raise up to £100m, to buy an existing portfolio of 22 properties from Aviva, in a move which avoids stamp duty fees, because they’re…


I have just be fortunate to have an offer on the Japan Residential trust portfolio that came in at 72p when the underlying value was about 55p. The reason for this premium was that it saves time and money buying a portfolio rather than building it up from scratch. Unless I have missed something here, there seems to be no premium! Very useful.


You lucky muck @james_pigott , I’d been watching that Japan property fund for some time. They owned a lot of flats in Tokyo, and I bet the buyer is getting them cheap, despite the premium.

I like the sound of this Standard life buy, though this commercial property malarky is more of an income story now, values have caught up too much I think.


Yes, there are some signs property is in a bubble. I hope not but @stgeorge is right in that it should now be in a portfolio for the income stream.
Selling out of JRIC now leaves me with nothing in Japan, which is controversial. Mind you I was looking forward to the sterling value of the divi to start rising again given the Yen has fallen so far. But you can’t refuse that kind of offer :wink: