Standard Life Equity Income’s wider net catches juicier prey


Since taking over the sole management of this trust in 2012, Thomas Moore has repositioned its investment universe in favour of medium sized companies
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Everyone bangs on about Neil Woodford, and although he is without doubt a great fund manager, Thomas Moore has beaten him hands down. But he’s beaten most funds in his sector so it should be no surprise Woodford’s been thrashed.


Is it wrong that I want to invest in this trust just because I think he’s rather dishy =^_^=


I’m not sure that’s the best reason for buying an investment @MumKnowsBest I think there might be other more important considerations myself.

It is a good trust with a good manager though so on that basis I think you should go for it.


Haha, that’s not a bad reason to invest at all @MumKnowsBest!

He has certainly benefited from the market moving the right way since he took over but I think he is a skilled manager too.

I saw an article on this on Morningstar but they didn’t really compare the unit trust which I think they should have done as you guys have done here.

I’m going to park my ISA in this.


His investment trust should start to beat the performance of his unit trust because of gearing surely?

It seems he’s been a little bit hesitant since he took it over, maybe the board made him be a bit too cautious.

The performance of his unit trust has been very good though and it does encourage you to buy eh.


I have been watching this since Moore took over from karen Robertson and I kick myself that I never pressed the button and bought some of it.

He has proved to be a much better manager than I expected. Argh!