Sound check, it's gone very quiet


Things have gone a little quiet. Are there any white knuckles out there?!
I wondered what you all thought about having surveys added to this site. Simple and quick, but it may add interest. If there is enough positive response I will raise it with Dice.


Hello James… I don’t mind surveys being added. Regarding white knuckle rides, well my concern is a no deal Brexit even though I voted to leave and more concerning is what a Corbyn Government will do to the Investment Industry if he gets into power. I’m sure he will target ISA’s. Worst performer of my Trusts is Henderson Far East Income which is down 8½% but is still on a premium. I’m guessing the trade war is to blame for its performance:fearful:


I have also suffered a bit with Henderson Far East Income which is a long term hold for me, but suspect that the problem is as much the rising dollar. The SP is also quite sensitive to the ex-divi dates so a bit depends on when you buy into it.


Yeah I think it’s a great idea @james_pigott. It’s gets conversations started.