Should Scottish independence be a concern for investors?


Large swathes of the investment trust industry is based in Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh. Sector broker Winterflood has taken a look at the impl
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This article leaves me thinking so what. If Scotland does become independent, I as an investor will still be protected.

In an independent Scotland the financial services industry will be very important to the country and they WILL NOT want to do anything to undermine it.

I’ve read a lot of moaning complaints on other sites but it’s mostly from my fellow English compatriots, and it is nonsensical and based on their underlying opposition to Scottish independence.


I agree with that @SuperGirl. A lot of nonsense is written on internet forms on this subject.

I am not at all worried about my Scottish investment trusts or my Scottish platform (Alliance Trust Savings).

I’m invested in these Scottish trusts because they have bloody good managers and that will continue if Scotland is independent or not.


We’re going to have the same currency as Scotland, we already know the direction of Scottish law, which is as fair as ours.

What’s to worry about?

Yeah I know they’ll have things to do, to work out but they’ll do it and like you guys above say, or imply, we’ll all live happily ever after.

Night, night!


Having read some of the absolute abuse you see on the Daily Telegraph boards it’s refreshing to see how nice everyone is on

I think a lot of the abuse, or ill feeling stems from a lot of English people are in fact a little bit hurt that Scotland want’s to leave the UK and become independent.

I share that, I don’t want to see Scotland go but it happened with Ireland and we eventually got used to it.

I hope Scotland remains a part of the UK but if it doesn’t I’ll get used to it and I’m sure our countries will continue to be good friends.