Shares Radio - Investment Trust show - I was a listnin'


I heard @dicem on the show earlier, mighty impressed. I really like James Henderson too, and he’s handsome (as is a certain Mr Dice) :wink:

Here’s a link:


Very good @dicem, I like the fact it’s available as a podcast because I would never be able to listen to it when it’s broadcast.

It would be good if Share Radio reviewed and analysed individual investment trusts by way of investment ideas. I would listen to that. Maybe you could talk about some of the trusts in your buy list or John baron’s list.


They should put these podcasts on iTunes because you forget about them. Maybe they should put a radio player on because I reckon readers of this site are probably gonna be the same folk who would listen to Share Radio.

I live in Scotland where it’s not available on Digital radio so you need to listen to it on the internet or for me it would be in my car driving to/from work. I like the show and it is something I’d like to listen to but I need something to remind me I think.


Good show, I listened to it on a pod cast too when I was walking my dog. Listened to the one that featured Ken Fisher too, that was bloody good too, I recommend anyone download that one. He banged on a bit about his book but it was still bloody interesting stuff from a very clever guy.