Share Radio offers shares to listeners to support growth


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The investor focused radio station which launched last year is hoping to encourage listeners to invest to help finance growth and become champions for the station.

Share Radio is broadcast from studios in Pimlico, in central London, and broadcasts seven days a week online via, a smartphone app, a radio player as well as on digital radio in Greater London and the South East of England.

The station was founded by Gavin Oldham, the founder and majority owner of AIM listed The Share Centre, an online stock broker popular with small investors. Oldham has said he is making the share offer primarily to raise funds for Share Radio, a business whose aim is “not only to increase financial awareness generally but also to raise the profile of the “Share” brand. It is his intention that this should be an Offer where the sale proceeds benefit both buyers and sellers”.

The Offer is only open for a limited time and will close at 17:00, Tuesday 16 June.

The Share Centre is the sole broker for the Offer.

The offer document and offer brochure have now been published with the price of 33 pence per share. All the documents relating to the Share plc offer, and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, are available on The Share Centre’s website,

If you’d like to sample the merchandise before purchasing the link below opens up the Share Radio player. For investment trust investors there is an investment trust show which is available as a podcast.

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My husband has bought shares in Brewdog and is off to Aberdeen to get drunk at their AGM party. I don’t drink beer so I wonder if this could be something similar for budding investors like me! (booze filled AGM please) :smile:

What I’m not clear on is where Share radio will trade, is it on the AIM market?

I saw that the minimum you need to buy is £165 which isn’t much, but it’s what made me think of Brewdog because you don’t need to buy many of them either.


It’s floating on AIM @mumknowsbest according to the offer document.

I don’t know that I’d put some serious dosh in to this, it’s quite risky because it’s very new and it’s really small but it’s worth a small punt at £165.

Brewdog is a little bit more tempting for me though. Didn’t realise the AGM was on now, I’ve heard they’re legendary.


@mumknowsbest & @jonno, What is being offered is not a direct stake in a new listing called Share Radio, the offer is to buy shares in an company that is already listed on AIM called Share plc (ticker SHRE).

The intention is that some of the proceeds raised will be used to invest in the Radio side of the business. On this basis, I’d suggest making your decision as to whether to buy in this offer by basing it on whether you would purchase the existing shares.

Other considerations should be: what are you hoping for from the shares, i.e. growth or income; and what are the transaction costs for selling? The lower the value of your holding, the higher the potential impact that those costs will have on reducing your profit. Share plc might have special rates for dealing in their own shares, but they just might not - I haven’t looked at this, but you might want to.

But whatever the case, do make sure to read the Offer Document beforehand.


Yes @arkwelder is correct @mumknowsbest and @jonno. As an investment Share PLC hasn’t been the most exciting business to be invested in, it’s kind of trundled along. It’s founder still owns 70%. For as long as he remains involved, and he’s 65 now it will remain a conservatively managed business which you may feel is no bad thing.

I’ve not listened to the radio station very much, probably 7 or 8 times, but I’ve found its quality to be varied. The investment trust show sponsored by Henderson seems to talk only about Henderson trusts for most of the time. Henderson are one of the sponsors on this website too but you don’t get the sense that they’re constantly pushing Henderson to you all the time. I think Share radio need to get more balance there too.


Yes I agree with you about the variable quality of the shows @pauls but they do have some good presenters, I like Ed Bowsher and Ed Mitchell.

It could do with more investment to improve it though I won’t be subscribing for shares myself.