Share Centre launches a preferred investment trust list


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The leading broker has launched a list of list of its favoured trusts together with succinct analysis of the investment proposition and the type of investor it is suitable for. The Share Centre, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of being in business, has launched a curated selection of preferred investment trusts, initially consisting of…


Some surprises in there, including trusts I’d never heard of such as Investors Capital Trust, which seems to be a split cap.

I like there analysis, it’s not terribly in-depth but it gives a good quick introduction to what the trust is and what it does.

All in all I think it’s a good list. Besides this website and Hargreaves there isn’t many places to go for investment trust buy suggestions.

Does anyone use Share Centre, I don’t know a lot about them either but their website looks pretty good, better the Alliance trust site.


HDIV did manage to fall more than 50% over the credit crisis. As for IPE, I don’t think that anyone in their right mind would consider a fall of 70% as being the sign of a low-risk investment, especially when they managed something similar in the bear market at the turn of the millenium.

Not a split-cap in the conventional sense. The A share class pay dividends which are taxed as income, whereas the B shares have a capital repayment instead and this is taxed under capital gains rules upon these the disposal of these shares. However, these issues go away if the shares are held in a SIPP or ISA!