Seneca’s strategy pays off as it reaches a significant milestone


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Seneca Global Income & Growth is celebrating five years since it changed its investment mandate, during which time it has consistently produced index beating returns, whilst taking less risk than both peers and the wider market. Fast Facts Invests globally in multi-assets including property/equities/bonds/alternatives Aims to deliver a rising dividend and a growing share price…


Why has no one else come up with value-multi-asset investing I find myself wondering? Is there a reason not to do it? I’m not sure.

What does come across from this is that they’re ambitious, I like that, but I’m having to try and understand this new investment style, and be convinced of that too.

They definitely have something interesting here, it has piqued my interest.

The video of them goes on bit and too slow in the beginning. Mind you I watched right after watching that John Bennett video and he is quite a talker.

I am wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a small holding in this, say, I dunno, 5% of my portfolio, up to 10% maybe as an insurance policy, against my more racier holdings.

Any views on this?


Well Value investing is as old as the hills @hamish (not literally), it doesn’t sound that strange to me to apply it to multi-asset. It looks like they’re making a reasonable go at it.

Seneca is a bit too cautious for me, I like higher risk higher growth, but I have bought some for my Mother, and I think it is good fund. It seems well managed and like you said yourself, they’re ambitious, if it meets your needs then I’d say go for it.

In terms of being an insurance policy, we don’t know how it would perform in a real downturn but I’d expect, certainly hope it would fair better than an ordinary fund. I think 5-10% sounds about right. It’s actually 12.5% of my Mother’s ISA portfolio.