Scottish Mortgage manager believes Elon Musk is undervaluing Tesla



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As Musk surprised investors with his tweet about taking his company private opposition from perhaps, his loyalist shareholder has arisen. Scottish Mortgage (LON:SMT) joint manager James Anderson has indicated that he’s unhappy with the proposal from Elon Musk in his tweet on August 7th, where he wrote: His tweet has caught out short-sellers, and with…


I don’t really trust Elon Musk, so I hope he does take Tesla private and Scottish Mortgage sells its holding.

Personally I’d be much more comfortable with that scenario, with SMT investing our money elsewhere.


Nah can’t agree with you there @sandradore. I’m happy for Scottish Mortgage to maintain their stake (as part of a diversified portfolio of holdings of course).

I’ve no idea if Tesla will eventually be a winner her in the electric car sector, but I think they have a pretty reasonable prospect of being there or there abouts.

Musk is a bit of a petulant child sometimes, but he is also an incredible visionary who has fashioned not only a volume car business from scratch, but built a really big fu**ing rocket company to boot!