Scottish independence: economic and political opportunities and challenges


With less than three months to go until the Scottish referendum, Schroders European Economist, Azad Zangana has been looking in to the economic and po
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All these pessimistic Scottish projections aligned with overly optimistic projections for the UK.

We’ve decades to go before our oil runs out so I don’t think you’ve thought this through very well at all Azad.

I wan’t independence for my country because we’ve such an opportunity to escape from an overly London centric country and attempt to build something better.

How about this scenario, a country with one of the largest oil reserves in Europe (so asset backed) launches its own currency, how long would it really take for currency markets to take to get a taste for it!


Yeah I have read a report of a study indicating there is still there is still 2-3 decades of oil in the North Sea so I don’t understand it either.

I’m from Manchester and I am attracted to Alex Salmond’s idea of creating a counterweight to London which seems to dominate all of these isles.

I think independence for Scotland is a big opportunity for the Scots to create something better. I agree with you @AlexBarr, too many so called experts are very pessimistic on Scotland, and I think this just reflects their desire not to see it go.

I hope they vote yes, I would if I lived in Scotland.


I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on the economics of it but I think it’s probably more a hand-on-heart issue anyway, and my heart says that I think it would be a great shame if Scotland left us and I don’t want to see them go.

I wonder if David Cameron still thinks it was the right decision to leave off the Devo-max question off the ballot paper because I’ve heard some Scots who are intent on voting yes state that they would have preferred that third option.