Schroders ISA holders forced to sell or transfer Baillie Gifford trust


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The move will create an overhang of stock that could depress the shareprice for months to come. Shareholders in Baillie Gifford UK Growth (LON:BGUK) who hold their stock via the Schroders ISA plan, have been given notice that they’ll either need to sell the holding or transfer it to another ISA manager. Schroders was the…


They could transfer it to Baillie Gifford’s plan which is as cheap as chips and gives you access to all of their expanding investment trust range.

It’s probably a benefit to them in all honesty for a little bit of work in form filling.


Yeah I agree @harjinder they are lucky the trust is now with Baillie Gifford. They should get the paperwork out and transfer over to BG and reap the benefits of low charges. Job done.