Schroder UK Mid Cap manager Rosemary Banyard to depart


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Rosemary Banyard is leaving after 12 years managing the trust, and producing sector beating returns, but she’s handing over to the familiar face of long-term co-manager Andy Brough. She has announced she is quitting Schroder’s, where she’s worked for 17 years, and will cease to be manager of Schroder UK Mid Cap (LON:SCP) on 31…


Schroder Mid Cap (SCP) has been a good long term holding, and I bought some for my son’s JISA a few years back - so hope performance holds up. The trust is one of Money Observers Rated trusts.

Recent performance has lagged JP Morgan Mid Cap (JMF) though, so I would consider that as a better alternative currently (has similar charges and yield).


The mid cap area of the stock market is looking rather over valued at present. I think there’s more opportunities in the smaller cap area and maybe the mega caps for once too.

If I held this I would switch to something else.