Schroder UK Mid Cap is a long term winner to tuck away


Having returned double the return of its index over five years, and triple over ten, long term manager Rosie Barnard isn’t for sitting back and relaxi
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That’s arresting isn’t it - even after all the so called cuts we’re still spending £90 billion more than we’re getting in, and Labour think we’re cutting too much.

That sales growth chart you have going back 10 years is great. Too often fund managers and websites I use like Trustnet etc quote 1 & 3 years up upto 5. You should look at a fund managers 10 year figures or longer always because that is how you see if they’re doing what they say they are doing. That chart shows that she is.



It’s quite shocking to view the UK’s dire profit and loss figures, but as well as questioning Labour’s figures what the Tories promising to give more away at their conference the other week. We can’t afford Labour or the Tories promises.

On to Schroder UK Mid Cap, this is a really well managed fund that I think you can tuck away for the long term without too much concern. Although I don’t own it, it has been on my radar and this article explains why I will own it very soon.



Interesting, although it’s beaten the other two UK Mid Cap trusts is hasn’t sector over the last five years when I thought Mid caps were supposed to be outperforming no?

I think if I were to buy this I’d just put a couple of per cent in to it and hold it to complement other UK funds. As it is a little bit cautious I wonder how correlated it is to the All companies index?


I don’t kn ow the answer to that @Jose but I’d like to know too.

I’ve looked on Morningstar website but if it tells you then i can’t figure out how.

UK All companies funds will include mid caps too so unless you really like the sector then I wouldn’t own too much of this. Having said that, the performance has been good so there’s a strong argument for buying this to get access to a good fund manager.


Great article guys, it is very informative, and not just for the Schroder fund but for the UK economy too.

That Government profit and loss chart should be shown to every kid at school and in every newspaper, especially the Evening News here in Manchester to counter their support for the spend, spend, spend policies of Labour.

I really didn’t know about this trust. I’ve not seen it mentioned on here or on Motley Fool forums before but it does seem a bit of a corker to me. I’m not going to buy it right now because the stock market is a bit unsettled and I expect it to become even more unsettled soon so it’s on my watch list instead, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be owning some of this before too long.


@Jose, @PaulS

If you want to compare SCP (or any other) against the All Share index then try the following steps:

  1. Bring up SCP's factsheet on Morningstar's web-site
  2. From the vertical column of tabs that appears on the left-hand side of the page (the options being Overview->Documents), click the second option, Chart
  3. A performance chart is displayed in the section entitled Share Price. Just below that title, three boxes of options are displayed, the first being Compare. Click that option.
  4. From the options that appear under Benchmark, select European Indices
  5. The FTSE All Share can then be selected from the list box that is just to the right
Plots in the chart which are not required can be removed by clicking the [x] to the extreme right of the particular description in the chart's legend.




@arkwelder you know I’m not even gay but I don’t care, big kiss!

Your instructions were really easy to follow, thank you so much, that’s very sweet of you.

I usually find that to learn I need to translate in to my native tongue Spanish (I know it’s a little bit strange) but I followed your instruction all in English.

Of course, my other half is English and not only that she teaches English too, and she is claiming the glory!


Thank you @arkwelder. Took a couple of attempts but I’ve got it now too.


Makes a change from being given a virtual beer I suppose!