Schroder UK Mid Cap appoints new female co-manager to replace Rosie Banyard


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The fund management industry has attracted criticism for the lack of female managers, and many were saddened to see the top performing Rosie Banyard retiring, which means that her replacement will have big shoes to fill. Jean Roche, new co-manager of Schroders UK Mid Cap Investment Trust. Schroders UK Mid Cap (LON:SCP), has selected Jean…


It has always seemed strange to me that there are so few women fund managers. After all there are lots of female lawyers, accounts and doctors.

I have seen some research that pointed to women being better investors and even if this is an exaggeration, I would expect women to at least bring something different from men to investing, and difference is good, difference means more choice.

It’s nice to see there is increasing pressure on fund managers to do something about this, though I suspect that pressure needs to be increased substantially.


I agree with you @andreacz there should be more women. I’ve read about research that has pointed to women being more cautious investors, less gung-ho than men. We’ve become used to women leading us as politicians, and in other fields too, so i think it must be a bit of an embarrassment to the fund management companies that they have failed to attract women to the fund management profession, or is it more of a case of them failing to promote them? Who knows.