Scandalous opioid crisis - do drug companies have blood on their hands?


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A national opioid crisis has hit the US, with addiction numbers increasing fivefold over the past seven years. In 2015, more than one in three Americans was prescribed opioids to treat pain. Now, major opioid drug manufacturers have been sued by over 30 states, cities or counties in the US. The drug companies are alleged…


The executives who manager these companies should spend decades rotting in an American jail. To be honest the politicians are to blame too, the U.S. system seems becoming more corrupt by the day.

Who would believe the U.S. Government would allow these drugs companies to hand out drugs more powerful than heroin in order that they could ‘protect’ the free market, regardless of the death and devastation it’s caused to American people.


I totally agree with you there @andre.

America once had the best political system in the world, perhaps, because they came to democracy so early, but I think their 18th Century constitution is now holding them back. There seems to be so much dishonesty in American political discourse which has resulted in this unbelievable, and totally avoidable, public health disaster.

It’s a horrible and wicked tragedy.