Risk on is the markets view of the French election result


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It might be only the first round of the French election, but the market seems to have decided what it expects the final result will be in next month’s round two and they like it, as the French stock market rallies. In the shock of witnessing a far right candidate getting so close to leading…


Whilst Macron will almost certainly become President he doesn’t have an efficient party machine behind him and his own political experience is limited. Therefore his reforming ambitions will probably be frustrated by opposition groups including the powerful trade unions.

Underlying problems will persist, but he’ll keep the economic show on the road - for now.


Rather him in power than the National Front, but you’re right @dunkuring , it will be a lame duck president if En Marche don’t get enough representatives in the French parliament.

I find it heartening though to see a liberal centre politician getting elected after the populism of Trump/Brexit.