Return to form for Rothschild’s RIT Capital Partners


The trust has a strong following with investors but has experienced poor performance in recent years. Following a reshaping of investments and person
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I think you might be right about it being a good time to buy but the one thing I’m not so keen on with RIT Capital Partners is their charges are so much higher than everyone else’s and I don’t see why.

I think I’d like to know a bit more about all this unlisted stuff they own too like the Rockefeller deals.

I get your point about Rothchild having a big stake himself, well a massive stake and that is very good to see but I still wanna know a little bit more.


Cor blimey he’s got a bob or two.

I don’t get so caught up in charges as long as it bleedin performs which it hasn’t been so maybe Mark Steel has a point and all they’re doing is getting the management rich.

I don’t mean Lord Rothschild, I’m he doesn’t care a jiffy about getting extra dosh from higher charges, he would make more from lower charge as well.

Maybe there are too many mangers there making too much money.